Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cushioned Booties !!!!!

Arrrrrroooooooo...... my box came.

I couldn't wait to dig in.
What?   No treats in da box?
Butt dar are always treats in da box.  
My new "right sized" booties came.
Mom even got me cushion insert pads for my new booties butt
SHE ordered da wrong size so she had to cut dem down to my size.
Here goes.....
What?   Haven't you ever seen a scottie wearing booties before?
Some of my BFF where booties.

 I can even leave my pee mail and dey don't fall off!

I chased a bunny out of my yard and dey didn't fall off.

I haven't given dem da ultimate test yet.   

You got it.... da "scottie kick" test  but I think dey are good.

Ok.... you can take my bootie shot now for da magazine cover.


Pees....    Dey did not pass the "Scottie-Kick" test.  BOL.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Well, Mom is not happy dat I am not leaving my sock or bootie on.
Dis morning we went on a short walkie (one of my favorite thing to do) and half way thru, I did my famous "scottie kick-up" and my sock and bootie flew off.   Needless to say dat Mom was not happy and picked up my discarded sock and bootie and den picked me up.    The rest of the way home she grumbled about me weighing 20 lbs (actually I only weigh 19.6 lbs).   And... to top it off, she ran into our neighbor (who was walking Charlie) and he decided to chat up a storm (while she was holding her 19.6 lb package - hehehe... ME).
Serves her right.   I was perfectly happy walking & hopping wiffout dat darn sock/bootie.

Today, I also figured out dat whenever I wanted to go out, she re-sock'd and bootie'd me so I made it hard for her to catch me.   Hiding under da foodable table is always a sure fire WIN.   I can sooooo outsmart her.

Well at least she didn't buy me pink Garanimals.
Anyways, our Chewy order of a new (hopefully better fitting) bootie & pads arrives tomorrow but she decided that she couldn't wait so dis evening, off to Walmart she went to buy little Garanimals (for a better fit).

Which one of you guys gave her dat idea?  

When she got home, she grabbed me and dis time, she noticed that my poor paw had a red sore spot and it appeared that while she was off to Walmart, I might have taken out 1 or 2 stitches early.   Oops!!

I call FOWL..... not fair ganging up on Me!

Mom was not happy, again.

She cleaned it and den asked Auntie D to hold me while she put on my new Garanimals sock.

She said that we'll have to call da Dogster in the morning to make another apt to ck-out my poor paw stitches.
And she didn't even give me a treat!   

Peeesss..... Morning Update:   We went to see da Dogster dis morning and guess what?   I did NOT remove my stitches.   Da red (maybe orangish) spot dat Mom saw was just some thread stuck to my stitches.   I probably got it from da inside of my purple and orange running sock.  So dar you have it!    Doc says da stitches and my wound look good.    Oh, and Auntie D gave me some apple bits when I got home.   Yummmmmmy!

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