Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Remembering those who served.   All gave some, some gave All.

Thank You for your Service and for our Freedom.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Yard Patrol

I've been patrolling at my new house.   It's a really Big job and  I may have to call in reinforcements.

Mr. Swan swims by about 5 times a day.   His girl is  nesting on da little island on da lake and he is pacing on our canal.   We don't talk.... he just gives me a dirty look and I just watch and den ignore him.  

Mom says that we should give him a name.  

What do you think we should call him?  
Mr. (No-name yet) Swan

Now.... Mr. Heron is another story.  

He come by and creeps along the canal bank and goes fishin'.   

I'm havin' none of him creepin in my back yard so I bark him right off his stilts and send him flyin'.

I think he is learning.  Lately, he only creeps on the other side of the bank to go fishin'.

Oh.... maybe we should name Mr. Heron too.

Dar are also duck that swim by but I just let them go, they are not being best.   BUT..... bunnies are another story.   I see dem running around on da other side of da canal and I scream at dem.    Stay tuned for more bunnies stories.

Maybe I should put on my Top Cop uniform and flash my badge so dey all know dat the Blogville Law Enforcement has come to town.

Gotta get back to my patrolling now.  


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Big Screen viewing

At my new house I got me be a Super BIG Screen.
(Dis is almost as good as the Big Screen TV I get to watch at Aunty Sue's house.)

And I got da best seat in da house!!
(I'm watching da swan channel today).


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